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by Richard Jones

Richard Jones – The Fitness Fact Author

Hello! This is Richard Jones an ex development expert and technical adviser of an exercise bike company. Now, I run an exercise bike selling and service center shop with a team of experts. A few years back we all worked in a different sector of an exercise bike manufacturing company and service center. While doing our job, we observe that many people don’t know what features a bike they should buy or how to operate it properly. That influences me to open a site where I can share all of my experiences and information about exercise bikes. 

This blog contains all the latest information regarding exercise bikes for short people and tall people, people with bad knees, and its necessary tools, buying guides, how to operate them, and many advantages and disadvantages related to it.

All the information you find here is based on the working experiences that I gather during my job and through research & some information I picked up from the exercise bike customers’ honest review. I believe you’ll find all the necessary information on this site that you’re looking for. If this information is not sufficient for you, you can ask me about your query through email or message box.

Richard Jones,

The Fitness Fact Author.