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Exercise Bike or Treadmill for Bad Knees – Which is for Arthritic Knees?

by Richard Jones

I’m sure that most people face this difficulty when buying an exercise machine, more precisely choosing an exercise bike or treadmill for bad knees. Isn’t it? Though both exercise machines are popular for both home and gym uses, people purchase one according to their comfort. 

However, you’re also stuck in the same place to choose between them. Both of them are effective for cardio work out and provide versatile resistance levels so that you can cope up with the training. Besides, you’ll get aerobic exercises from both of these extremely beneficial exercise machines. The aerobic exercise stimulates endorphins that help to reduce pain by inhibiting pain signals. 

Let’s dig into the main part to choose an exercise machine for your bad knees. 

Exercise Bike or Treadmill for Bad Knees: Which is Best?

Exercise bike or treadmill for bad knees: Which is best? You know, both of them are quite popular for different purposes, whereas every machine has flaws and some limitations. In this section, we’ll let you know both good and bad to make a precise decision. 

Exercise bike or treadmill for bad knees

Burn Calories:

A treadmill will indeed help you to burn a good amount of calories. Besides, the more advanced users who can sprint or run they can do interval training that is an intense exercise method. So, burning calories is everyone’s key motive to lose weight, and sealing treadmills as one of the popular machines for burning calories. 

On the other hand, you’ll also burn calories using an exercise bike. And with the same intensity, you’ll burn fewer calories than a treadmill due to your position. While using an exercise bike, our weight is supported in our seats. 

So, during exercise, we’ve less movement in the upper body, and burning calories is quicker on treadmills. But you can enjoy a variety of exercises on your exercise bike. In addition, you can work out for a longer time as it doesn’t put any pressure on your joints. 

Belly Fat:

Exercise bikes and treadmills are very good choices among other exercise machines because of intense cardio workout. According to Sports Medicine statistics, both are crucial to burn belly fat or abdominal fat. However, you’ll find built-in HIIT (high-intensity interval training) into their consoles for more precise training. 

Weight Loss:

Those involved in exercising with treadmills or exercise bikes, losing weight is the foremost duty for them. However, both these machines offer a superb aerobic exercise that is highly effective in altering the pounds. According to the CDC, if you have a modest weight loss (5 to 10%) of your starting weight, it’ll be a plus for you. 

You may lose more weight on treadmills, but if you’re comfortable with an exercise bike, you can purchase the best exercise bike for bad knees and burn more calories than treadmills. If you want a healthier lifestyle, then you’ll find the long and short term benefits with those machines. 

Exercise Bike or Treadmills- Which One is Better for People With Bad Knees?

While trying to choose between a treadmill and bike, sometimes it comes to personal satisfaction and preference. 

Both treadmills and exercise bikes offer an intense opportunity to build or improve your muscle tone. When you start using a treadmill or go outside for running, you’ll find jarring on your knees in every step. You’ll even enjoy running easier on a treadmill for your joints rather than running outside where the belt has more give. 

Exercise bike or Treadmills- which one is better for people with bad knees

On the contrary, riding on an exercise bike has a great impact on your leg muscles. It doesn’t provide any strain on your joints which means, you’ll enjoy low-impact exercise for longer. You won’t find any discomfort while riding on it, and for this reason, the journey will be more comfortable for longer workouts. Therefore, you’ll have better results. 

5 Key Tips to Keep Your Knees Healthy

If you’ve jogged, hiked, or jumped without any major knee trouble, a few steps can help you to keep your knees healthy for a long time. Let’s find out the tips that will keep your knees fit at your age. 

5 key tips to Keep Your Knees Healthy

Proper weight:

Having excess weight seems to be very uncomfortable and puts huge pressure on your knees. According to statistics, while you gain one more pound, your knees get four more pounds of force on them, and it’s even more when you go up or downstairs. We can’t ignore this truth. However, being overweight is a major problem for bad knees. So, you should maintain a proper weight to keep your knees fit and healthy.

 Keep Moving:

Regular exercises are vital to maintaining joint function properly and for strength and regular motion in your knees. People think that high-impact activity like running is bad for knees. But the perception is wrong. You should stay in motion always. 

If you rest your body more than it needs, the joint will less survive and more stiffness. So, the more you move, the less you’ll find these problems with your knees and joints. You should avoid a long time sitting in the same position while enjoying any TV program. Try to change your position or take a break to get active. 

Strengthen the muscles:

Whether you want to keep your knees healthy, you need to start strengthening the other muscles that support your knees. The hamstrings, quadriceps, and abductors need to be developed to enhance the range of motion to protect your knees. 

Moreover, you can power up your core muscles to maintain a balance. So, you can get less injured. You should nurture your core muscles properly. Did you try yoga and Pilates to power up your core muscles?

Pick the right shoes:

The supportive and comfortable shoes provide a perfect alignment to the lower joints when you move. So, during exercise, you should pick the right cleats that suit your activity perfectly. If your shoes don’t support your feet, then it results in knee osteoarthritis. 

So, wearing the right footwear is crucial to keep your knees healthy. And before purchasing new exercise footwear, try to get professionally evaluated and top-notch sporting or running shoes. 

Perfect your posture:

When we’re getting old, we often get more stooped because of our problematic posture. Then what happens? This problem changes the center gravity of our body that puts more stress on our knees and hips. So, try to make your posture perfect by doing some core activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

However, knees are vital parts to keep our body balanced. So, to keep our knees healthy, we should do regular exercises. But an exercise bike or treadmill creates the confusion which one needs to be taken. You’ve already got the idea, and let’s find out more exciting questions. 

Can you lose weight by riding an exercise bike?

However, an exercise bike is an excellent option for burning calories. How many calories you’ll burn by riding on it depends on the time you’re exercising for. 

How long should you ride an exercise bike daily?

If you’re new with your exercise bike, you can start riding for 30 minutes a day to get stimulation on your muscles and joints. The time is enough to stay healthy and get balanced. 

Is it OK to treadmill every day?

The treadmill is also a good piece of exercise that is easy for jogging and running. And you can walk or run every day on a treadmill. 

How long should you spend on a treadmill?

You need to run at least 30 minutes at a moderate intensity. We shouldn’t go with the excess intensity that might be harmful to our health. When to run on a treadmill, use the moderate intensity if you’re new to this. 

Final Thought

Do you want to purchase an exercise bike or treadmill for bad knees? But you’re stuck with those options. However, if you’re looking for the best deal for bad knees, an exercise might be a good option for you because it comes with a lower impact workout that doesn’t provide strain on your joints. 

Besides, you’ll feel comfortable with it for a longer time. Though a treadmill has a quicker result, like losing weight than an exercise bike, you need to think for a long time. Last but not least, it alleviates some of your discomfort from your lower back. 

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