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Can Exercise Bike Help You Lose Weight Archives 2021?

by Richard Jones

If you love cycling, you are in for a massive advantage because it is a form of exercise. An exercise bike works efficiently, enabling you to burn calories while helping you strengthen your muscles. This is a cardiovascular exercise aimed at keeping your heart in great shape.

You may not know this, but an exercise bike provides one of the best aerobic workouts that can benefit your whole body. However, can exercise bike help you lose weight? Definitely! This is because it helps you burn calories and body fat, allowing you to lose weight in no time. If you have a goal to lose weight, an exercise bike is the way to go.

Can Exercise Bike Help You Lose Weight?

An exercise bike provides the best form of physical exercise that enables you to keep your body in check. You may have noticed an increase in the use of exercise bikes in recent years due to its ability to offer the best possible workout sessions. But, can exercise bike help you lose weight? You can shed many pounds when using an exercise bike, meaning it’s an effective exercise that can aid you in losing weight. If you use this bike for 30 minutes, you may end up burning up to 300 calories.

Can Exercise Bike Help You Lose Weight?

When it comes to burning calories, an exercise bike aids in calorie deficit creation, which is paramount if you are focused on weight loss. The actual number of calories you will burn when you are using an exercise bike will be determined by the intensity you will be training on. To achieve your ideal weight loss, you have to spend more hours using an exercise bike. Although exercise bikes offer a low-impact exercise, they are excellent for weight loss.

Why Are Exercise Bikes Good for Weight Loss?

The moment you start exercising and you burn more calories it is an indication that you are on the right path of losing weight. While many people think that weight loss is difficult, it is achievable for what you need is discipline and consistency for great results. This is especially evident when you incorporate using an exercise bike whose idea is to burn more calories making you lose weight. Here is why exercise bikes are good for weight loss:

Body fat:

An exercise bike will help burn body fat, mostly if you work out at a high intensity. That way, you end up building strength and lead to fat loss. It has been proved that an exercise bike works effectively to help cut down on body fat if the consistency of 45minues for three days a week is maintained. 

Enhances cardio fitness:

An exercise bike works excellently in assisting you to improve your endurance capacity and cardiovascular fitness. This is what keeps your heart healthy and functioning efficiently. When your heart is in a good place, your body will receive an adequate supply of blood and oxygen. When using an exercise bike, you end up putting more strength to your muscles. This helps in ensuring that your body does not experience weak moments because of having weak muscles. Your immune system will also be more robust, not forgetting increased energy levels and improved mood. 

Weight loss:

What makes an exercise bike stand out in weight loss matters is its ability to help you burn more calories. This works excellently if your workout is of high-intensity, making you burn a high number of calories in a short time. Anyone struggling with weight loss can use an exercise bike for remarkable results. To know if you are losing weight, check whether there is a difference in the calories you are losing and the ones you are consuming. 

Low-impact workout:

If you are looking for an exercise that provides a low-impact workout, go for an exercise bike. It works efficiently to strengthen your joints and muscles without exerting a lot of pressure while using smooth movements. If you have sustained injuries, an exercise bike can be the best workout for you and if you have joint issues. Though an exercise bike is kinder to your body, it still delivers an effective and challenging training. 

Strengthens body:

You will love the fact that an exercise bike works wonders in strengthening the lower part of your body. When pedaling, this bike focuses on the calves and quads, as well as the glutes and hamstrings giving them added strength. Your bones and joints will also benefit from using an exercise bike, making it the perfect exercise covering the entire body.


Picture exercise at the comfort of your home with the aim of losing weight. You don’t have to go all the way to the gym to achieve your weight loss goals, for this can be achieved by using an exercise bike. There is no limitation to using this bike; in fact, you can your time such that you make use of it at your own time. 

How to Use an Exercise Bike to Lose Weight? (Step by Step)

Using the best heavy-duty exercise bikes is not as technical as many people think. You can choose the intensity level when working to match your pace. Start on a low note as you gradually increase the rate to achieve high-intensity workouts.

How to use an exercise bike to lose weight? (Step by step)

Step 1: Warming Up

Don’t just jump into an exercise bike right away without warming up fast. So, take your time and warm-up for around 1o minutes but only at a low resistance to keep your muscles alert and ensure blood circulation. When you warm up, you will notice that your heart rate will start increasing, meaning you are now ready to begin your workout. 

Step 2: The exercise bike

Once you are warmed up, you can now step on your exercise bike to commence your workout. Start pedaling slowly, then keep increasing your resistance by pedaling intensely. Your heartbeat should start rising when you pedal at a high resistance for a few minutes. When you start experiencing shortness of breath, it means you have attained your highest workout.

Step 3: Rest to recover

Start pedaling slowing by decreasing your resistance and intensity. By doing that, you will start catching your breath, making you return to your normal state before beginning the workout.  Once you rest you will be able to regain strength to enable you to finish your workout session.

Step 4: Intensities

Once you have recovered, start pedaling as you alternate intensities from low to high and vice versa at intervals of not more than 15 minutes. If you aim to lose weight and cut down on fat, you should have high-intensity intervals for best results.

Step 5: Take it easy

Now that you are done alternating the intensifies, it is time to cool down so that you can bring your workout to an end. Take about five minutes of pedaling to complete your work out.


Some people are not so good when working out with long intervals. Hence, if to you two minutes is too much, take it down to 30-second intervals. To make it more interesting, you can opt to let your intense work intervals last the shortest time with minimal effort.

When using an exercise bike, you should work out at a higher intensity such that you are practically building up a sweat. Your heart rate should also be increased as you reach your maximum intensity interval.  The effort of using a bike is always worth it, making you enjoy fast results like burning high calories in a short time. 

Frequently Asked Question

Losing weight and using exercise bikes can raise questions and we’re here to solve your problems. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about exercise bikes:

How much weight can you lose on an exercise bike?

You can lose weight of up to 2 pounds a week on high-intensity workouts. However, this can only be achieved if discipline and consistency are applied.

Is an exercise bike better than walking?

An exercise bike is better than walking because it produces better and speedy results compared to walking. Try it and you will see the difference.

When should I exercise to lose weight?

If your goal is to lose weight, you should indulge in morning exercise because it works perfectly to lose fat hence losing weight.

Final Thought

A lot of people in recent years have been struggling with weight loss, probably because they are not keen on working out. By indulging in physical workouts, you end up burning more calories than you had anticipated. All it takes is consistency, discipline and determination to achieve your weight loss goals.

Can exercise bike help you lose weight? Yes, mainly because an exercise bike keeps you on the move, and by doing that, you end up burning a high number of calories. This leads to a calorie deficit, which translates to weight loss. Therefore, if you are keen on achieving your weight loss goals, you need to start using an exercise bike today. 

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