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Best Heavy Duty Exercise Bikes Reviewed In 2020 – Top 6 Picks!

by Richard Jones

If you gain a little bit of weight and want to lose it at home or the gym, you can do it easily. All of the exercise bikes will be good enough for you. However, if you are overweight then not all those bikes or other equipment in the gym will be suitable for you. You cannot get the comfort and convenience to do exercise and lose weight. In that case, a heavyweight exercise bike can be a good option.

However, finding the best heavy duty exercise bikes is not that easy. Besides, if you do not get the best one, it will not provide the stability and balance for a heavyweight person at all. Even it may cause some serious damage and accidents as well. So it is important to choose the right bike. 

Which Type of Exercise Bike Should You Choose if You’re Obese or Overweight?

For obese or overweight people, it is important to burn more calories than general people to lose weight. In that case, you need to use those bikes that offer more calorie burn. I will suggest you choose a recumbent bike or recumbent cross trainer bike for you. It will help you do your complete body workout and burn more calories. You can see the for a Calories burned chart in 30 minutes  to get a better idea about the calories you can burn. 

Best Heavy Duty Exercise Bikes

At the same time, it works with the muscles of your lower and upper part of the body. Besides, these bikes let you exercise by sitting. You will have a comfortable seat for sitting and pedals for stability. Even since most of obese people suffer from poor balance and joint pain, this cross trainer bike is suitable for people with poor balance. Also, it does not create any pressure on the joints. So overall, a recumbent cross trainer exercise bike will be perfect for an obese or overweight person.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

DMASUN Exercise Bike

Cyclace Exercise Bike


Exerpeutic Gold Exercise Bike

Merax Folding Exercise Bike

6 Best Heavy Duty Exercise Bikes Reviews 2020

The market is now flooded with so many brands and models. As a result, it becomes tough to find the right one, especially for newbie people. So here are the suggestions for you.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike is a great example of the best exercise bike for obese person with its adjustable magnetic resistance. It helps you adjust the tension of the machine and challenge yourself and burn even more calories. Its heavy-duty flywheel provides maximum stability and eradicates jolting during riding. You will get a smooth ride every time for less pressure on joints.

It features a pushdown brake that allows you to stop the bike anytime for additional safety. With its belt drive, you will get a noise-free workout environment and smoother ride compared to chain drive. Besides, it has a 4-way adjustable seat that lets you adjust the seat up, down and side. This seat is padded for maximum comfort for heavyweight people.  

The bike is made of a heavy-duty steel frame that can hold up to 330 lb weight easily. You have an adjustable bottle holder as well that helps you keep your water or juice bottle near your hand. This heavy-duty bike has convenient transportation wheels that ensure easy movement at your home.

Sunny Health Features:

  • The bike comes with adjustable magnetic resistance that ensures low to high tension based on your work out limit. 
  • It has a 44 lb Flywheel that provides a smooth riding experience for less pressure on the joint and better stability during the workout. 
  • You have a pushdown brake to stop the bike in an emergency situation for additional safety.
  • The belt drive delivers a smoother and noise-free workout environment along with the cushioned seat for added comfort. 
  • It offers durability with its heavy-duty steel frame where its wheels let you move the bike with ease. 

2. DMASUN Exercise Bike

MagneTrainerDMASUN Exercise Bike

DMASUN Exercise Bike comes with a bigger flywheel weight that provides a smooth ride and stable exercising experience. It has adjustable resistance that makes it perfect for both the beginner and expert heavyweight person. Also, it helps you take on new challenges every day for even more calorie burn. With its innovative design, it will improve the aesthetic look of your home.

It comes with a digital monitor that will track and record your workout activities so that you can know your progress and take action based on it. For an overweight person, it is really important to know the progress. With its hand pulse handle, you can check your heart rate easily. You have a multi-handlebar for additional comfort as well. 

The bike is constructed with higher quality heavy steel materials so that it can hold up a good weight. It has an anti-skid cage pedal that ensures added stability too. With its Ipad holder, you can keep your iPad during the workout and a bottle on the bottle holder. You have a 4 way adjustable cushioned seat for maximum comfort for the heavyweight person. Even it has transportation wheels for easy movement too. 

DMASUN Exercise Features:

  • The bike comes with a bigger flywheel and adjustable resistance that allows the users to work out step by step for better results. 
  • It offers an innovative design that enhances the aesthetic look yet provides good comfort.
  • A digital monitor is there that tracks your workout progress to let you make plans for the best result.
  • You have multi-handlebar, anti-skid pedals, and 4-way comfortable seats for added stability for heavyweight people.
  • The heavy-duty construction along with transportation wheels makes it perfect for overweight people and easy to move.

3. Cyclace Exercise Bike

Cyclace Exercise Bike

Cyclace Exercise Bike is a great example of the best exercise bike for heavy person with its 36 lbs flywheel and 330lbs weight capacity. As a result, it will provide more stability for heavy people yet deliver smooth operation. With its belt-driven system, you will get a smoother as well as a noise-free workout environment. 

It features adjustable resistance so that makes it a good option for both a beginner and an expert. An LCD monitor helps you track and monitor your workout performance for progress. You have the ergonomic resistance bar that delivers better rotation experience. With its extended seat adjustment, no matter how heavyweight you are, you will get comfort. 

The bike is made of thickened steel along with a triangular frame that ensures durability. A brake pad is there that helps you stop the bike immediately in case of an emergency. With its multi-grip handlebar, you will have maximum comfort and better stability during the workout. A 4-way seat is there too for easy body movement and wheels for portability. 

Cyclace Exercise Features:

  • The bike comes with 330lbs weight capacity with adjustable resistance to increase the intensity every day for more calorie burn.
  • You have an LCD monitor that tells you about your performance so that you can take your workout to the next level.
  • It has 36 lbs flywheel along with a belt-driven system for a smooth and sound-free workout environment.
  • You will get maximum comfort and stability with its multi-handlebar, 4-way seat, and extended seat adjustment.
  • The bike ensures durability and sturdiness against heavyweight with its thickened steel along with a triangular frame. 



If you are looking for a good exercise bike 400 lb capacity, then you can consider choosing the RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Exercise Bike. It comes with adjustable resistance to choose from and challenge yourself every day. Its heavy-duty flywheel along with the belt-driven mechanism reduces noise and provides you a smooth drive without joint pain.

The bike features a digital monitor that lets you know how you are performing on the bike. A pad holder lets you keep your iPad on the bike easily. You have an emergency braking system to stop the bike in an emergency situation. With its comfortable soft and elastic seat, you will get maximum comfort even with 400lb weight. You can adjust the seat as well. 

It has two balance regulators that allow you to place the bike even on an uneven surface. With its adjustable anti-skid pedals, you can enjoy cycling without slipping. You have the transport wheels that let you move the machine easily. 


  • The bike comes with high weight capacity and customizable intensity to make it suitable for you. 
  • You can enjoy a smooth and silent workout environment with its belt drive system and heavy flywheel.
  • It has an LCD screen that shows your workout progress to take the necessary steps accordingly for better results.
  • You three-dimensional seat with breathable groove design for maximum comfort during the workout.
  • It features anti-skip pedals for stability where its braking system lets you stop the bike easily.

5. Exerpeutic Gold Exercise Bike

MarcyExerpeuticExerpeutic Gold Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Gold Exercise Bike is one of the best heavy duty exercise bikes in the market with its heavy-duty construction and higher weight capacity. It is made of durable steel construction and 400 pounds weight capacity that makes it a good exercise bike for 400 pounds.

The bike features an 8 level magnetic resistance level that lets you control the level and adjust at your convenience level. It helps you challenge yourself and burn more calories as well. With its 3 piece cranking system, a heavyweight person will get smooth riding without paining the joints. It has larger pedals that will help you gain stability.

You have a large and comfortable seat cushion for maximum comfort. Also, it is adjustable which makes it perfect for any size people. With its LCD display, it becomes easier to track the performance and take steps accordingly. You get heart pulse sensors to set a desired heart rate goal. For easy moving and setting up, this one comes with transportation wheels. 

Exerpeutic Gold Features:

  • The bike comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance that allows any beginner or expert to set his level and enjoy working out to lose weight.
  • It has a 3 piece cranking system that allows the user to cycle for more calorie-burning without hurting their joints pain. 
  • You will get an adjustable seat cushion that offers comfort for any size people for a better workout experience.
  • Its LCD screen allows you to monitor your workout progress and achieve the desired weight loss goal with ease.
  • You can move the heavy-duty durable bike without any hassle with its transportation wheels.

6. Merax Folding Exercise Bike

Merax Folding Exercise Bike Merax Folding Exercise Bike is an amazing recumbent exercise bike for heavy weight people that offers stability, comfort, and durability. It offers both convertible Upright and Recumbent Positions for entire body workout and maximum calorie burning. 

The bike features 10-Levels of magnetic resistance that allows the user to set the level at his convenience. You have a magnetic flywheel that ensures less noise and a smoother experience. Its creative resistance bands are padded to add more comfort and stability as well. With its multifunctional display along with an advanced heart sensor, you can track your heart rate and ensure higher calorie burning. 

An iPad holder is there too to enjoy the workout session more. You have an extra-large cushioned seat for added comfort. Its stable x frame makes sure you get a stable workout experience all the time where its portable wheels enable portability. You can easily store it in less space with its folding design. 

Merax Folding Features:

  • The bike comes with 2 in 1 upright and recumbent bikes for entire body workout and more calorie burning. 
  • It has a multifunctional display that tracks your speed, time, heart rate, and others to see the progress.
  • You have a magnetic flywheel and padded resistance band for maximum comfort and smooth ride.
  • It features heavy-duty construction with an X frame design for added stability and durability.
  • You will enjoy the workout session with its large cushioned seat and iPad holder. 

Advantages of Exercise Bikes

The demand of the exercise bikes is sky touching for the benefits it offers. Do you know those benefits? If no, check out the section below.

  • The exercise bikes offer a home gym for heavyweight people to burn more calories in a short time to lose weight easily.
  • Most exercise bikes take less space that saves your home space yet provides you the functionality you need to do exercise.
  • These bikes come with wheels and sturdy construction that make it easy to move across your home.
  • It offers a comfortable workout experience without hurting the joints with its design, cushioned seat, and handles
  • The bikes offer various workout plans so that you can do a complete body workout and burn more calories to lose weight.

Frequently Asked Question

It is common to have questions after reading this review. Do you have any questions? If yes, then have a look at the section below.

Do exercise bikes have weight limits?

Yes, there is a weight limit for exercise bikes. In general, the maximum weight limit of the exercise bike is 400 pounds. However, sometimes it may vary since there are different types of bikes available for different people groups.

How much weight can an exercise bike hold?

It depends on the types of exercise bikes. However, a common benchmark for the weight limit of an exercise bike can hold is 400 pounds which are good enough for a heavyweight person. 

Should I use exercise bike everyday?

Well, it is recommended to exercise a minimum of 150 minutes a week to stay fit and lose weight. That means you should use an exercise bike to burn calories and stay fit.

Is an exercise bike good for losing belly fat?

To lose belly fat, you need to take a proper diet and burn more calories. An exercise bike offers different exercise formats to burn more calories. That means it is good for losing belly fat.

Final Thought

An exercise bike offers a great way to lose weight and stay fit even in the home for heavyweight people. It comes with different workout formats, easy portability, and maximum comfort to provide a good workout experience that is tough to find in the gym. That is why we have portrayed some of the best heavy duty exercise bikes with their features and benefits. 

If you are not sure about which one to choose, then I will suggest you choose Exerpeutic Gold Exercise Bike. It features durable steel construction and 400 pounds of weight capacity for stability. Also, it has adjustable magnetic resistance with a 3 piece cranking system for smooth yet effective calorie burning. You will get a comfortable seat with its LCD display for performance checking. So overall, this one will be a real good option for you.

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