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The 6 Best Exercise Bike for Tall Person Reviews (Our Special Choice In 2020)

by Richard Jones

There are different types of exercise bikes on the market. However, tall people find it challenging to select the right one because most bikes are not made for tall people. You need a comfortable exercise bike to enjoy your workouts. Luckily, we have a top list of the best exercise bike for tall person to suit your needs.

These are amazing exercise bikes with adjustable seat and handlebars and also accommodate a higher weight capacity. Additionally, these bikes are durable, easy to use and provide efficient workouts. Check their reviews in detail to help you choose the right indoor cycling bike for your workouts. 

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Schwinn Upright Bike Series

Cyclace Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike

As Seen On TV Slim Cycle Stationary Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

Why Is an Exercise Bike Good for Tall Person?

The fact that you are a tall person doesn’t mean you should not work out. There are so many benefits of indoor cycling exercise that you will enjoy. Some of the ways tall people will benefit from exercise bikes include the following:

Best Exercise Bike for Tall Person

  • It engages different muscles like the glutes, back, lower legs, hamstring, core, and upper bodies.
  • Indoor cycling is a great way for tall people to burn calories and achieve weight loss goals.
  • It provides a great way to boost your cardiovascular health without straining your joints.
  •     Tall people can build strength if they spend about 150 minutes weekly biking.
  • The bikes provide low-impact workouts, and they strengthen your lower body and legs.
  • They are safer to use than road cling and helps tall people burn body fats and calories.

6 Best Exercise Bike for Tall Person Reviews 2020

Many exercise bikes are designed to suit average users. Therefore, if you are a tall person, you might not get a comfortable bike. Luckily, we have researched many models on the market today. Here are top reviews of our recommended best exercise bike for tall person.

1. Schwinn Upright Bike Series

Schwinn Upright Bike Series

Schwinn is a top brand on the market that offers different types of bikes. This model is best for tall users, and it has user-friendly features to give you the best cardio workouts. Additionally, the bike is enjoyable and comfortable to use. It features a visible streamlined console with 22 workout programs that you can choose from.

Comfort is key when you are using an exercise bike. This model features a padded and contoured seat with a seat post so you can easily exchange the seat to suit your needs. Additionally, the handlebars are adjustable to suit your height. They also feature heart rate sensors to help you monitor your heartbeat. 

You can easily track your workout data like the distance, time, and calories burned on the high-resolution screen. It is backlit to help you read the data. Additionally, this best indoor exercise bike for tall person features a fan to keep you cool as you ride.

Schwinn Upright Features:

  • This bike helps you set your workout goals with the goal track capability feature.
  • Features a Dualtrack LCD screen that helps you see your workout information.
  • You will enjoy up to 20 levels of resistance so there are a wide range of workouts.
  • The bike is comfortable to use since it has a well-padded seat with a post that helps you exchange the seat.
  • A high-quality inertia drive system that offers smooth workouts so you can train without noise.

2. Cyclace Exercise Bike

Cyclace Exercise Bike

Enjoy effective exercise bike workout at home with the Cyclace exercise bike. The bike is suitable for tall men and women from 5.2- 6.5 feet. It features a 36 lb flywheel to give you quiet and smooth rides without disturbing your neighbors.

When it comes to stability, this bike is stable enough to keep you safe. It features a thickened triangular steel frame to accommodate riders up to 330 lbs. This makes it a perfect selection for home gyms. It is also fully adjustable to allow everyone in your family to use the bike comfortably.

This spin bike is fully adjustable with up to eight adjustable seat potions. You can choose to adjust the seat backward or forward to suit your comfort needs. You will also enjoy cool workouts because the chain has several holes that dissipate heat. Moreover, if you would like to transport this bike, it features transport wheels that allow easy portability.  

Cyclace Exercise Features:

  • The seat and the handlebars offer multiple adjustments to help you get a comfortable riding position.
  • You can keep yourself hydrated during workouts because the bike has a water bottle holder.
  • It is designed with a comfortable resistance bar, so it is easy to press down or rotate.
  • The bike has a durable steel frame that provides stability and supports heavy users up to 330lbs.
  • This fully adjustable exercise bike has a 36 lb flywheel that gives you smooth and quiet rides.

3. Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike

Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike

If you need a fully-adjustable exercise bike, this is the best upright exercise bike for tall person. The first thing that you will love about this bike is the durable design. It features a robust steel construction so you can be sure it will serve you for many years. Additionally, it has foam to enhance durability and stability.

Unlike other bikes, this model is easy to install. If you read the instructions and use the right tools, you can install it in a few minutes. It gives you a total body workout to burn fats if you are on weight loss goals. The bike also features an adjustable design so you can adjust different places to suit your height.

Monitor your workout with a clear LCD monitor. When it comes to safety and comfort, the bike’s pedals feature adjustable straps. Therefore, no worries about feet slipping during workouts. It also gives you great resistance levels, so you will feel like you are riding on the road.

Exercise Bike Features:

  • The bike has an easy to read LCD monitor that helps you track your workout information. 
  • It features a stable structure, thick foam, and an adjustable design for comfort purposes.
  • You can easily adjust the handlebars, seat, and the resistance to gain optimum comfort.
  • The bike features a durable steel design that makes it stable to hold users up to 330lbs.
  • A safe exercise bike helps you burn calories and fats and is easy to install within a few minutes.

4. As Seen On TV Slim Cycle Stationary Bike

As Seen On TV Slim Cycle Stationary Bike

This model will be a great pick if you need a perfect exercise bike for home cardio workouts. This is a two-in-one bike, so you can use it as an upright bike if you want to engage in intense workouts. You can also use it as a recumbent bike if you want low impact exercises. The bike gives you 8 adjustable resistance levels to challenge your workouts.

The recumbent riding position of this exercise bike helps you engage in low-intensity workouts. You can work out comfortably and burn fats to meet your weight loss goals. The riding position is less stressful as compared to other spin bikes.

Additionally, it features an upright riding position to help you engage in high intensity workouts. If you are into strength training, the bike features a built-in arm resistance to help you tone your muscles when working out.

As Seen On Features:

  • It has a built-in arm resistance band to help you tone your upper body muscles when you cycle.
  • Offers low impact workouts and the riding position is comfortable so no stress on your joints. 
  • It gives you an upright riding position and high-intensity workouts to help you burn calories.
  • The exercise bike folds into half its normal size to provide easy storage and transportation.
  • It features a digital display to show you work out data like speed, distance, and miles.

5. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

If you have a limited budget and still want to work out from home, you can choose this good cheap exercise bike. It features a space-saving design hence perfect for people with storage space concerns. You can fold the bike into half its size after use for easy storage. Moreover, it includes transport wheels which make it easy to move to different places.

This bike offers eight magnetic tension levels to help you engage in simple and challenging workouts. You can adjust the workout intensity to suit your goals. It has a larger seat cushion that is comfortable to use even for an extended period. This makes it suitable for users from 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 1 inch. Additionally, the bike can hold a maximum user weight of up to 300 lbs.

It’s also easy for you to see your workout data on the LCD. It shows the speed, time, pulse, scan, and calories burned. The bike also has pulse sensors to help you track your heart rate. It also features an efficient 3-piece cranking system for consistent and smooth pedaling. 

Exerpeutic Folding Features:

  • The bike is equipped with a large LCD that shows you essential workout data.
  • The bike has a space-saving design and transport wheels, which make it easier to store or transport.
  • It features a large seat cushion that is easy to adjust to suit different kinds of users.
  • You can easily adjust the 8 levels of magnetic tension for easier and difficult workouts. 
  • This exercise bike has a 3-piece cranking system that offers smooth and consistent pedaling. 

6. Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

Recumbent bikes are comfortable to use because they are easy on your joints. The Lanos folding bike is one of the best recumbent bike for tall person. This foldable bike is great for a home gym, office, and apartments. It works well for seniors, men, and women to help them boost their cardio fitness. This bike offers a comfortable workout position to ensure you do not experience soreness or fatigue on your upper body. 

Challenging your exercises is great if you want to see results fast. Therefore, you can adjust the level of resistance up to 10 to meet your workout goals. You can begin with simple workouts and then gradually increase the intensity levels. Adjusting the resistance is easy since it features an easy to use tension knob.

Track your workout information with a clear digital LCD monitor. It displays parameters like your speed, miles, heart rate, pulse, and calories. The bike has a tablet holder, anti-slip pedals, and comfortable seat and backrest for convenience. You will also love its compact design, which makes it easy to store. Additionally, the bike has transportation wheels so you can move it to various locations without issues. 

Lanos Folding Features:

  • The seat has a thick cushion, and it is adjustable to provide comfortable workouts and a good sitting position.
  • The bike has a compact and foldable design to make storage easy. It also includes transportation wheels.
  • It features 10 levels of magnetic resistance so you can either increase or decrease your workout intensity.
  • The recumbent bike offers a reclined riding position to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • The balanced flywheel allows you to enjoy comfortable, quiet, and smooth rides.

Why Exercise Bike Proper Setup is Important to Avoid Injury

Many users experience injuries when using exercise bikes because of the wrong setup. It is crucial to take your time when setting up the bike to enjoy safe and comfortable cycling. Additionally, this will prevent injuries and make your workouts efficient.

Aligning your bike correctly is essential to help you train for a longer time. You should know how to adjust your seat height such that it is not too high or low. Higher seat height will force you to stretch and strain your feet, hips, and ankles.

On the other hand, a low seat height will also strain your knees when cycling at a high resistance. Another essential thing you should know is to set up the right seat position. This will depend on your riding approach, your height, and flexibility.

Additionally, you should position the handlebars and the pedals in the right position. The position of your handlebars will depend on your comfort and riding style. A higher handlebar is comfortable as compared to a lower handlebar position. When it comes to pedals, ensure your toes don’t wiggle when you are riding.

Frequently Asked Question

Finding a comfortable exercise bike for tall people can be tedious. Below are some of the frequently asked questions on exercise bikes for tall people.

Is It Harder for Tall People to Exercise?

Frankly, tall people have issues with exercises such as box jumps. It is hard for them to lift their legs straight because their leg to body ratio is longer than shorter people.

Is 30 minutes a day on an exercise bike enough?

If you want to lose weight cycling, 30 minutes daily can be enough. Using an exercise bike can help you burn more calories based on your riding intensity and speed.

How long should you ride an exercise bike a day?

Riding your exercise bike for about 30 minutes daily can help you stay healthy. However, you should also combine exercises with a balanced diet for better results.

Can you burn belly fat on an exercise bike?

Yes, it is possible. As much as cycling doesn’t engage your stomach muscles, it is aerobic, helping burn body fats. 

Is an exercise bike better than walking?

Of course, cycling is better than walking. When walking, you will need to do it harder to exercise your muscles, heart, and lungs. Additionally, cycling is easy on your ankles, hips, and knees.

Final Thought

Finding the best exercise bike for tall person is not easy, so you need to do your research well to end up with a comfortable bike. You should also consider other essential factors like display, resistance, programming, and safety, among others.

Our top recommendation is the Exerpeutic Folding bike with prominent features. This bike is great for tall people and provides effective workouts. It is easily adjustable and features a space-saving design. You will also enjoy 8 levels of adjustable magnetic tension for easier and hard workouts.

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